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Cyber Security

Vulnerability Assessment

A Vulnerability Assessment is our recommended first step in understanding your current cyber security posture. We are able to perform this assessment in your office or from ours. This assessment will help us understand your organization’s current vulnerabilities.

A vulnerability scan of your network or application(s) is the first step in a Vulnerability Assessment. Scans are conducted through an automated process. Hardware or software scanning tools are employed to perform network layer or application target scans against known vulnerabilities.

Following a thorough scan, results are verified to eliminate false positives and then compiled in an easy-to-read report. Our team of skilled consultants will interpret findings and provide a clear and detailed report with key actions indicated for your organization to implement.

  • False Positives
  • Actual Vulneratibilities

How Vulnerable are you?

Do you need to know exactly how vulnerable you are to compromise internally or externally? Choosing both a Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Test is the only factual way of identifying technical holes in your organization’s network.

Let us find these vulnerabilities before the black hats do.

A Vulnerability Assessment is much like walking around the outside of a house to see if any windows or doors have been left unlocked and what’s of value inside.

When conducting a penetration test, we find these unlocked doors and windows and actually enter them. This is done to determine what is actually at risk, and its potential value were it to be compromised.

What is your favourite security hole?

I don't remember the last time I patched this
Hotspot personal device from inside the corportate firewall
Use "Password123" for all my passwords

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing begins with a Vulnerability Assessment (reconnaissance and enumeration), to give our consultants a good idea of your basic cyber security levels. From there, we will assess your organization’s defenses using the latest combination of tools and manual testing to determine where we need to bolster your defenses.

From actual exploitation of vulnerabilities and attempts to elevate privileged access to key systems, our penetration tests can satisfy your needs for compliance and security from direct cyber threats.

We work with each organization to determine the best time to perform our simulated attacks. Your business may operate from 9 am – 5 pm, but we can work outside of regular business hours for minimal operational impact.

Social Engineering

Did you know that most cyber attacks stem from user manipulation? Phishing attacks, usually made through email or voicemail campaigns, are specifically designed to target your organization’s employees.

These attacks can be made to look like they are coming from well-known organizations which in turn redirect users to a malicious website. These phishing websites will then attempt to either steal information or fool users in accidentally opening malicious files, infecting your network.

Our consultants can test and train your employees through the following social engineering services:

  • Baiting in order to entice targets to execute malicious software
  • Varying email- and phone-based phishing scenarios
  • Impersonation and tailgating for physical on-site access